Review: The Toy Makers by Robert Dinsdale

Book: The Toymakers Robert DinsdaleThis is a book for cold winter nights and cosy evenings with crackling fires. Possibly stupidly, I read it during one of England’s rare mini-heatwaves. The story enchanted me despite the weather. The icy streets Robert Dinsdale describes made a nice change from my overheated home. Continue reading “Review: The Toy Makers by Robert Dinsdale”

Review: The Librarian by Salley Vickers

Book The Librarian by Salley Vickers

Imagine an England without internet or mobile phones, where people leave their doors unlocked and neighbours help each other; a time when affairs are common, and fast-spreading, malicious gossip can ruin lives.

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Christmas Review: Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill McGown

Murder MysteriesChristmas is truly over! There are no more Brussel sprouts in the fridge and I’ve finished my mini detective-readathon.

Murder at the Old Vicarage was the last novel on my list and looked like the perfect book for the holiday season. With a snowy front cover and ‘A Christmas Mystery’ stamped on the front, I’d readied myself for a festive bonanza. Continue reading “Christmas Review: Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill McGown”

Christmas Review: Murder in the Snow by Gladys Mitchell

Murder in the Snow Gladys Mitchell

To me, every book is a romantic relationship. For a couple of hundred pages, I stare adoringly at the text, immersing myself in each word.

Sadly, Murder in the Snow didn’t turn into a great love affair. A quarter of the way through, my feelings started to sour. Another dozen pages in, and I was more than ready to break-up with the plot. I kept reading, but never managed to experience that special spark.

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