Review: The Friend by Dorothy Koomson

Book: The Friend by Dorothy Koomson

I owe someone out there a lot of chocolate. It’s the person who told me to read Dorothy Koomson’s work.

The Friend is the first book I’ve tried by this author and I’m already hooked. I’ve started making plans to binge-read her back-list. Continue reading “Review: The Friend by Dorothy Koomson”

Review: Melmoth by Sarah Perry

Melmoth Sarah PerryPerfect for dark winter nights, Melmoth is a Gothic tale set in the snow-covered city of Prague. Brooding and atmospheric, it’s a story of shameful pasts and secret guilt. The linking thread is Melmoth; a woman cursed to wander the world, bearing witness to human cruelty. Continue reading “Review: Melmoth by Sarah Perry”

Not a fan of gore? Read this for Halloween

Among Others by Jo WaltonHalloween reading doesn’t get much better than this. Among Others is a novel for anyone who’d love to find Narnia in their wardrobe.

Author Jo Walton has woven a fantasy landscape where fairies can be seen by select believers. Set in the late 1970s in the UK, this is a genre-mash-up that mixes boarding school, coming of age stories and a big dollop of magic. Continue reading “Not a fan of gore? Read this for Halloween”

Sugar Money by Jane Harris

Sugar MoneyLRThis terrifying tale of exploitation was shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction. Loosely based on a real story, it describes an escape attempt made by a group of slaves in 1765. Tragically, they weren’t making a bid for freedom. Conditions in Grenada were so horrific under the invading British they aimed to return to their far-from-kind French former owners. Continue reading “Sugar Money by Jane Harris”

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

How to stop timeLR

I’m sure you’ve met those annoying, smug people who can’t resist saying “the book’s better”, when you mention novels’ movie adaptations. Now I have to make a confession. Nine times out of ten, that awful person is me. If you’re exactly the same, I’d recommend picking up How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. Continue reading “How to Stop Time by Matt Haig”